About Me

  • Background: Industrial Design MSc, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Useless Powers: Walking Jukebox, Being able to sleep everywhere
  • Imagination inspires us and sometimes defines who we are. In my work I want to use interactive ‘imaginary’ environments to make spaces for people to experiment, play and learn. These imaginary worlds can be strengthened by introducing interactivity to traditional entertainment and media to create more immersion and making the experience more impactful. In my design process, I combine user experience and interactive media to make people push their boundaries, open their eyes and give them a space for expression.
  • CV

Personal Competences

Exploration driven

An exploration driven approach using different perspectives enables me to be receptive, inclusive and committed.


I bring people together to learn from multiple stakeholders. I value user input to open my own eyes and consider other points of views.

Immersive storytelling

My knowledge on interactivity and immersive world building makes me able to immerse people in possible.

Experience and cognitive processes

By understanding how people react and feel towards an (imaginary) situation, reflection and headspace can be achieved.



Jolie Smets