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Exploring Simulated Reality Applications: Crafting User-Centric Designs

Imagine a world where 3D experiences come to life without the need for glasses. That's exactly what Dimenco achieved with Simulated Reality (SR), and I had the opportunity to design applications that brought this technology's potential to users' fingertips. This project was a journey of innovation and collaboration, where I combined creativity with practical design. In this project, I took on the role of designing user experiences for a range of SR applications. These apps – SR Hub, SR Player, SR Model Viewer, and SR Hydra – showcased the versatility of SR and how it could reshape the way we engage with digital content.

The concepts started by defining what the applications should and would not be based on user feedback. After this, wireframe mockups were made. Based on these wireframes visually aesthetic prototypes could be made in Figma and iterated. These designs were put to the test with users, allowing me to fine-tune the user experience and ensure that the applications were intuitive and engaging. After a few iterations, the design has been developed and implemented. To streamline the development process, I established design systems and flows that enhanced usability and visual appeal.

SR Hub: Your Gateway to SR: At the core of the SR experience is the SR Hub, a user-friendly starting point that connects all the SR applications and information. Navigating through the possibilities of SR needed to be effortless with this hub, providing users a central place to discover and access the applications, making their journey into SR smooth and enjoyable.

SR Player: Redefining Video Playback: The SR Player takes watching videos to a new level. It plays 3D videos seamlessly, and I redesigned its interface to include specific 3D settings. This enhancement ensures that users have a tailored experience while enjoying their favourite content in 3D.

SR Model Viewer: Interactive 3D Exploration: With the SR Model Viewer, users can explore 3D models in a simulated reality environment. I focused on creating a design that encourages exploration, enabling users to interact with 3D models in an immersive way and experience SR from a unique perspective.

SR Hydra: Gaming in Simulated Reality: SR Hydra opens the door to running 3D games and applications, including VR games, on Simulated Reality devices. I worked on optimising the interaction between controllers and the SR system, and the ability to tweak personal settings in SR Hydra.